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Minimum configuration
Microprocessor:   375MHz POWER3-II with 4MB L2 cache
Level 1 (L1) cache:   64KB data/32KB instruction
RAM (memory):   256MB
Memory bus width:   128-bit
Internal disk drive:   18.2GB Ultra SCSI
Disk/media bays:   Five (two available)
Expansion slots:   Five PCI
PCI bus width:   32- and 64-bit
Standard features
    Integrated ports: Tablet, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet Thick and Twisted, internal Ultra SCSI, external Ultra2 SCSI, two serial, parallel and stereo audio

CD-ROM drive, service processor, LED operator panel, 1.44MB 3.5-inch diskette drive
Operating system:   AIX Version 4.3.3 (unlimited user license)
System expansion
Microprocessor:   375MHz POWER3-II with 8MB L2 cache
Processor:   2-, 3- or 4-way (4MB L2 cache) or 2- or 4-way (8MB L2 cache)
L2 cache:   8GB
RAM:   Up to 16GB
Internal DASD:   Up to 109.2GB
External storage:   IBM 2104 Expandable Storage Plus, IBM 7133 Serial Disk System
Power requirements:   Universal 110/220V power supply
System dimensions:   23.6"H x 8.7"W x 28.1"D (600mm x 222mm x 713mm): 81lbs (37kg)*
Warranty:   On-site for one year (limited) at no additiona


  • Outstanding value in a symmetric multiprocessor system with up to four processors
  • Powerful, affordable 64-bit workgroup or e-business server
  • Top performing RS/6000® entry technical server with state-of-the-art IBM POWER3-II copper microprocessors
  • Up to 16GB of memory and 8MB L2 cache per processor provides exceptional performance and capacity benefits for e-business applications
  • Improved floating-point performance for numerically intensive compute applications
  • Designed for high system availability with service processor and Dynamic CPU Deallocation
  • Powered by award-winning IBM AIX®


More for your money
The RS/6000 44P Model 270 server combines high performance with expandability and reliability to help customers grow their businesses. It is a cost-effective solution as a workgroup, technical or e-business server or as a platform for 64-bit SMP application development and testing.


Twice the power
The Model 270 is designed for technical and commercial users who require high performance and SMP capability. It incorporates state-of-the-art IBM copper chip technology with up to16GB of memory and up to 8MB of L2 cache per processor for truly impressive performance. The 375/450 MHz POWER3-II processor offers a significant performmance boost, with more than three times improvement in floating-point performance and almost four-and-a-half times the transaction processing performance of the RS/6000 43P Model 260.

The combination of multiple POWER3-II processors and up to 16GB of memory makes the Model 270 server an excellent choice for demanding e-business, e-commerce, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain management applications.

The 64-bit processors of the Model 270 also help manage the evolution of businesses into 64-bit computing, while continuing to support existing 32-bit applications. The system can run 32-bit and 64-bit applications concurrently. Most existing 32-bit applications can run unaltered, leveraging and protecting current information assets.

Online all the time
The Model 270 server brings advanced reliability to the most critical operations with a built-in service processor, which is designed to continuously monitor the system's vital signs. It can determine and take preventative or corrective action to help ensure critical applications stay up and running.

Enabled at a customer's option, the service processor can, with IBM Service Director™ offering installed, automatically dial out to a service center if it detects a component failure, often before any problem is apparent to users or system administrators.

The Model 270 has an IBM unique feature, Dynamic CPU Deallocation, which monitors the processors. In the event a processor displays indications of an impending failure, this feature working with AIX 4.3.3/5.1 is designed to take the faulty processor offline. Work from the failing processor is automatically reassigned to other processors and replacement of the failing processor can be scheduled for a convenient time.

Additional reliability and availability features are included. The Model 270 features error checking and correcting (ECC) memory that can detect and correct many errors. And concurrent diagnostics enable troubleshooting of potential system malfunctions without shutting down the system.

For the most mission-critical applications, the Model 270 offers the option of high-availability clustering, using industry-leading HACMP1 disaster recovery software from IBM.

Packed with value
The Model 270 server features a compact design with excellent expansion capabilities. It offers five disk/media bays, permitting up to 109.2GB of internal disk storage, and products such as the IBM 2104 Expandable Storage Plus (Ultra2 SCSI) and the IBM 7133 Serial Disk System (SSA) provide terabytes of highly reliable, hot-swappable external storage. Integrated Ethernet, internal Ultra SCSI and external Ultra2 SCSI controllers leave all five PCI slots available for a company's use.

Performance and expandability make the Model 270 an ideal choice for a departmental or e-business server that can help grow any business securely on the Internet. And as one of the lowest-cost IBM SMP servers, the Model 270 is an excellent choice as an entry 64-bit SMP technical server or development system.


The AIX advantage
The Model 270 is the award-winning UNIX operating system, AIX2. It provides real value in reliability, availability and security. AIX is tuned for e-business performance, and widely recognized as state-of- the-art in systems and network management. With AIX, businesses have access to over 13,000 diverse applications.

AIX 4.3 runs across the entire RS/6000 product line and delivers Java™ technology, Web performance and scalability enhancements. It is an excellent choice for managing large complex installations. AIX offers Web-based remote management tools that allow control of the system from any Java™-enabled browser and includes Tivoli Management Agent, which monitors key resources such as adapter and network availability, file system status and processor workload.




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