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This document was prepared to provide technical information about the HP Surestore Tape Library 2/20.

Model numbers

Product name

Model numbers

HP Surestore Tape Library 2/20

C7200NB (Rack, LVDS)

C7200RC (Rack, Fibre)

C7201NB (Standalone, LVDS)

C7201RC (Standalone, Fibre)

C7202NB (Rack, LVDS)

C7202RC (Rack, Fibre)

C7203NB (Standalone, LVDS)

C7203RC (Standalone, Fibre)



Product features

    Flexible by design

    The HP library family is based on a common architecture and includes three configurable models: a 1- or 2-drive 20-slot model; a 2- or 4-drive 40-slot model; and a 2-, 4- or 6-drive 60-slot model. These models feature new 8000 series Digital Linear Tape (DLT) drives and provide capacities from 800 GB to 2.4 TB. These systems deliver the capacity, throughput and price points you need today, and you can always add capacity and drives later if your storage needs increase.

    Freedom to evolve

    HP libraries are state-of-the-art and designed to stay that way. You can start with SCSI and migrate to fibre channel at any time. You can use DLT technology today, and switch to Linear Tape Open (LTO) or Super DLT technology in the future. With HP, you grow into, not out of, your storage solution.

    One world, one library

    HP libraries provide a fully integrated approach to open storage area networks (SANs). They can be ordered today with Fibre Channel/SAN interfaces or can be upgraded at any time in the future. HP libraries also support a wide range of commercial software packages for the operating system of your choice, so you can get the right level of automation in your backup and restore solution.

    Store locally, manage globally

    HP libraries can be controlled locally via a front-panel interface that provides real-time diagnostics, and includes a see-through glass panel for verifying the operation of drives and robotics. The systems can also be managed remotely via a web-based network-attached library management tool that works with your Internet browser to deliver status reports and diagnostic feedback. Now you can verify operation and control your storage system from the road, a home office, or wherever you have network access.

    Flexible storage

    Information is your company’s most valuable asset. With HP libraries, information is protected without question. These libraries leverage key design elements from ultra-reliable HP scanners and printers. All robotics, motors and internal mechanisms are designed and built for extreme durability, and use hot-swappable drives to maximize data availability. Backup software is rigorously tested for tight integration with servers and storage systems from multiple vendors. Even HP DLT media is proven reliable with in-depth testing. HP tape libraries run flawlessly day after day, delivering one of the highest reliability ratings in the world.


Drive type


Number of drives

1 or 2

Number of slots


Max. storage capacity (native)

800 GB

Max. data transfer rate (native)

6 or 12 MB

Average tape access time

15 s

Average tape exchange time

46 s


1 million MSBF


Fibre Channel, LVDS or HVDS

Drive characteristics

Maximum sustained transfer rate

6 MB native, 10 MB compressed

Burst transfer rate

20 MB

Average access time

60 s

Tape load time

37 s

Tape unload time

17 s

Repositioning time

1.3 s

Hard error rate

1x1017 bytes read

Undetected error rate

1x1027 bytes read


200,000 hours MTBF

Supported media


Physical specifications


216 mm (8.5 inches)


442 mm (17.4 inches)


696 mm (27.4 inches)

Net weight

30.4 kg (67 lbs)

Shipping weigh:

39.5 kg (87 lbs)

Environmental specifications


Wet Bulb: 25 degrees C max

Transportation: -30 to 60 degrees C

(<14 consecutive days)

Gradient: 10 degrees C per hour


Operating: 10 to 35 degrees C

Non-operating: -40 to 66 degrees C


Operating: 20% to 80% RH, Non-operating 10% to 95% RH


Non-operating: 30g/206in/s


Operating: 0.21 g rms (random)

Non-operating: 2.1 g rms (random)

Non-operating: 0.5 g (0 to peak, swept-sine wave)

Power requirements

Line Voltage: 100-127 VAC, 200-240 VAC

Line Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Safety certification

FCC Class A; CISPR 22, A; UL 1950; cUL: CSA 950;

TUV IEC 60 950/IEC 60 825-1 (laser CLASS 1); C-Tick, VCCI


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