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TECMAR Travan  20GB IDE Streamer

Tecmar's 20GB Network Series tape drives are ideal for the emerging class of Windows NT servers and workstations. With 20 gigabytes of compressed capacity on a single tape at a transfer rate of 2 megabytes per second, Tecmar's NS20 delivers the highest capacity and fastest transfer rates of any Travan drives available. Tecmar's NS20 is also the only in-form Travan NS20 tape drive system with NSync, an integrated precision tape loading mechanism exclusive to Tecmar's Network Series solutions. That means a metal chassis with smoother loading, more precise registration, faster access, reduced noise, greater security and improved tracking.


Key Features

  • Travan NS20 industry standard format
  • Up to 20GB capacity compressed
  • Up to 2.0MB/sec. transfer rate*
  • 250,000 MTBF, 20% duty cycle
  • E IDE interface
  • Three-year warranty with free technical support  (12 month left)

 Server -Class Performance

  • Read-while-write data recording eliminates verify pass, reducing backup time by 50 percent
  • ALDC hardware data compression promotes media interchange of compressed data and improves overall system performance
  • Directory update on eject ensures a faster file restore operation (no forced eject as with other Travan tape drives)
  • Full registration of cartridge eliminates media tampering and reduces ESD (electro static discharge)
  • Stamped metal deck guarantees precise registration of cartridge 
  • Compatible with most operating systems and application software

Server - Class  Security

  • Exclusive NSync soft-load technology allows server door to be closed during operation: prevents media from being removed during backup and restore operations because cartridge is fully inserted into the drive
  • Software enabled "prevent/allow" media removal for data security
  • Emergency media eject

Diagnostic Tools

  • Quick Tape Diagnostics for Win95, Win98 and WinNT WIN 2000 environments available on-line at  http://www.tecmar.com 
  • Online firmware updates for latest performance and reliability features

ships with a 3.5" half-high black  bezel and Travan user’s guide,  1 original sealed data cardridge, software cd, SGI slides and covers

Mod No. TA 520 SL (black front brezel)


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